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Thursday 25 August 2022

The Guardians of Truth by Barry Finlay

After reading two books by Finlay, I can confirm: they come with excellence as standard.

This is the second in the Jake Scott mysteries. He's a retired, widowed reporter who finds himself unable to hang up his investigating hat, especially as his new love interest, Dani Perez, is a homicide detective. He finds himself a little out of his depth this time, following that investigative nose twitch, when a woman, the mother of a teenage daughter, goes missing, herself following up a suspected fraud she aims to expose.

I'm very fond of our Mr Scott. Shades of a male Miss Marple or possibly Dani Perez's Watson, he's very amiable and just a little bit lovable.

There's a sharp, fast-paced and compelling plot here, as he does his best to get himself out of some rather hot water, but in the background there's a lovely gentle rumble of the steadily (a tad too steady for Jake's daughter's liking!) growing romance between Dani and Jake. There's life in the old codger yet.

Perfectly executed, well written, thoroughly and utterly enjoyable; I really do hope Jake doesn't stop scratching that journalistic itch, because I'd love to spend another few hundred pages in his company.

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