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Monday 29 May 2023

The Vulture Fund by Jeff Buick


My fifth book by this author. I'm quite the fan. Buick never disappoints. Quite the contrary, in fact: he wows every time.

This is the third in the Curtis Westcott series, in which Curtis and his team are investigating two seemingly isolated deaths. The investigation uncovers how greed, inevitably, leads powerful people to do unspeakable things.  (Full synopsis here)

Once again, Buick makes you buckle up, fasten your seat belts and enjoy a fast and furious ride on the journey to the truth, dipping and diving the whole way. Every single Curtis Westcott mystery has been a joy to experience and leaves you wanting more. Buick writes with conviction, gives you characters with credibility, and if you like a book you can't wait to pick up and never put down, then his are those books.

I want more, a whole shed-load more, of Curtis Westcott.

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