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Monday 8 August 2016

Model Agent by Sean Sweeney


I realised my Kindle was accommodating four books by this author, so I thought it was high time I read one of them. I started with the first of the Jaclyn Johnson thrillers. Our model agent (modelling is just something she does when she’s not saving the world) has, as her first assignment, to stop a ruthless and unscrupulous man using outrageous methods to annihilate his competitors in the bottled-water industry. A man who’s almost tyrannical, despotic even, and has to be caught at all costs…some of which turn out to be very high and very tragic.

I’ve got to say  you have to suspend disbelief with this book. It’s a little OTT…a female Bond, Jaclyn isn’t. But she’s a no-nonsense, sassy, don’t-mess-with-me chick…and I love female crimefighters like that. And with her tools of the trade: Do-It-All Porsche, glasses, skintight Lycra suit…it’s all a bit daft. The ending doesn’t just require suspending disbelief, it needs gagging and locking up somewhere it can’t whisper, ‘Seriously?’ somewhat repeatedly.

And that…is why I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it! Okay, it’s not the best writing I’ve come across (apostrophes, Mr S, apostrophes), but it was all delightfully silly and massively entertaining from start to finish. I loved it. Rogue Agent is the second in the series, and it's ready and waiting on my Kindle.

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