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Monday 25 July 2016

Being Travis by Melissa Bowersock


It was such a delight to get between the covers with Travis again. And you can take that smirk off your face because I know you know I mean the book covers!

I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 in the Travis series, and was thrilled to find I didn’t have long to catch up with him again in Book 2. 

Two years after finding himself 140 years in the past, in the nineteenth century, Travis is now married to Phaedra, with a baby on the way and building a home and life…a happy one. His striker, the enigmatic Riley, is still with him. But Travis is finding it increasingly difficult to hide what he knows of the future, afraid that if Phaedra finds out the truth, his happy new life will be shattered. 

It’s very hard not to be completely invested in Travis. He continues to be so…wholesome and, well, nice. Bowersock presents the reader with wonderfully developed characters, whom you can almost imagine being in front of you, in person. As for Riley…I don’t think he needs words. His expressions say it all. That’s how good Bowersock is…she can make a character come to life without actually having to say anything very much at all.

Despite the progress that 140 years have brought (some of it good, some of it…not so good), Bowersock portrays a simple, cosy, unencumbered and dare I say, almost desirable community life, despite some of the disadvantages of not having the as-yet-to-be-available medical and technological advances…the lack of some of which are a cause of exasperation to Travis. 

A trick of time transported our lovely Travis to 1877. The same trick could just as easily transport him back to his own time and he would lose more than he could bear. I do so hope there is a Book 3…I desperately need to know what happens!

If you haven't read Finding Travis, then do and then waste no time with this sequel.  Delightful.

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