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Saturday 1 August 2015

A Fate Worse Than Death by Jonathan Gould


It saddens me to say that Jonathan Gould just can’t deliver………………………fast enough! No sooner have I finished one book by Gould, I'm eagerly waiting for the next.

A new book by this author is one I have to get on to my Kindle at lightning speed, and it always comes with a guarantee: I know it’s going to be well written, entertaining and an utterly satisfying read. This is the seventh book I’ve read by this author and is equally as quirky, imaginative and witty as the others. 

Here we have a second-rate, not always ethical, private detective, Jimmy Clarenden, whose last case goes slightly awry, and he finds himself in the queue at the Pearly Gates. He discovers an underlying reason for his ‘rushed’ admission into heaven. God’s got a little task for him: his second son, Phil, is missing. Jimmy’s job is to find him, but he has to battle with an obtuse angel and other unhelpful heavenly residents. 

The dialogue and Jimmy's first-person narrative was smart and snappy, and I loved how Gould normalised the permanent occupants of angelsville…just one or two naughty little vices so that we don’t think it’s all golden harps and halos. And who would have thought that the Devil pops into heaven for the occasional meeting?

Gould’s creative genius never fails to captivate, enthral and delight. If you want never-fail enjoyment and no-disappointment assurance you're going to pick up a brilliant book, here it is.

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