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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Stolen Justice by D J Gross

I don’t quite know how to describe this book – I simply can’t think of words that are superlative enough!  I was superglued to my Kindle for two days – I just could not put it down.  This really is a brilliant novel.

Laura Danvers, a computer hacker, needs a good thief of high-end art – a famous Van Gogh no less – JT and his team of ex-Marines have the necessary credentials and she needs to convince him to help her.  Too darned bad he is so attractive.  The lure of his old ‘past-time’ is not enough, however, so she throws a bit of blackmail into the mix.  Rob Autry, the CEO of a bank and owner of the Van Gogh, is also money-laundering for a crime cartel – crimes that are outrageously depraved.  The Van Gogh, it seems, has been purchased with blood money.  The theft will net JT and his team enough money to retire on;  whilst the theft is taking place, she intends to access the files she needs to bring the vile man to his knees.  The terms of the blackmail Laura sets out to JT are non-negotiable and he is left with no choice.  She gives JT and his dedicated team 5 days to pull this off. 

And so the edge-of-your-seat action picks up.  Laura’s dedication to her cause creates a barrier to the mutually powerful attraction between her and JT.  Can he break down the wall of resistance she has put up ?

Laura is a hacker but, it seems, a liar too and the many secrets of her past endanger her own life;  moreover, she and the team are unaware that one of Autry’s clients becomes his feuding opponent and the risks attached to the theft become dangerous and life-threatening, not only to her but to JT and his team.

The cast of characters is compact but diverse, and each character is well-defined.  The bond between JT and his comrades is strong; they have history and memories.  There is a pleasant diversion of an unrequited romance between two members of the team, but it never overpowers the intensity of the magnetism between Laura and JT.  The balance between the suspense-filled action and romance is spot on and the ending is perfect.  The author has a faultless, flowing style of writing – every scene of action, suspense and romance is honed to perfection.

The text does need a final tidy-up – there are several typos and the odd word is missing but that’s my only niggle.

I really hope JT and his team regroup for another nerve-racking ride.

This is an outstanding and highly recommended book.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews.

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