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Sunday 4 September 2011

Run to You by Lynne King

What a great read!  Liz is a secretary given a temporary US transfer from her bank job in the UK to help her recoup after the tragic death of her parents and discovering that her ex-fianc√© was not only unfaithful to her, but fraudulent as well.  The opportunity to get away from it all is one she grabs willingly.  One night with her new bank friends in a night club, she meets Shaun – a good-looking Irishman with roguish charm.  At the same time, she cannot help noticing attentive glances from an equally good-looking man, Jack, who is a detective on undercover surveillance………of Shaun, as it happens.  Liz’s attraction to Shaun ends up being a nightmare as she unwittingly becomes a victim of threats and blackmail, an unwilling participant of a bank heist and witness to coldblooded murder.  

Jack’s pursuit of Shaun results in his and Liz’s paths crossing and he has to decide if she really is innocently implicit in Shaun’s crimes or whether she is the wily Irishman’s cunning accomplice.  Simple, if he only he wasn’t so irrevocably attracted to this stunning red-head.

This was an extremely enjoyable and fast-paced story – tension-laden the whole way, both with the thriller tension of the chase of the unscrupulous heist criminals and the sexual tension between Jack and Liz;  both characters are strong and feisty and both have been hurt by ex-lovers - they are perfectly matched.

In just a few places I found it a little hard to keep up with who was saying what – there were times when there were a number of lines of dialogue with no ownership of the sentence – I found myself having to go back and find out who spoke first in order to confirm whose was the last line of conversation.  This, however, or the few editorial oversights, did not make it any the less enjoyable or gripping to read.  This was one I could not put down.

Highly recommended.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews

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