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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Bad Fruit by Ella King

I didn't enjoy this at all. In fact, I thought it was awful.

Firstly, why do authors insist on using present-tense narrative? It rarely works and really, really doesn't in this.

This is a story of secrets and bad family relationships. The relationships in this family are really rather unbelievable. The mother isn't just toxic, she's quite seriously deranged, the father equally so, albeit in a much more subtle way. Not surprisingly, their three children are more than just a little dysfunctional.

But it was all rather unrealistic and unenjoyable. There wasn't a glimmer of joy in any one part of the story. Since I'm not a DNF person, I struggled through to the end, hoping it would improve. It didn't. My displeasure was further aggravated by the terrible formatting of the Kindle version. Many words and phrases had no spaces: makingit veryawkward toread.

Confusing, unsettling, poorly written and badly formatted.


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