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Sunday 13 March 2022

The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse

I read The Art of Hiding by this author five years ago. When I sought out my review of it, I was reminded not only of how much I enjoyed it but also how much the story and its characters stayed with me long after reaching 'The End'. So I dived into this with great enthusiasm. And Prowse did it again. She left me with another wonderful story and characters that haven't yet vacated my head!

It's a marvellous story about two people who are very slightly disparate for different reasons, with no grand expectations about life or people—until they meet each other. It's a story about acceptance, hope and courage and I devoured every single word.

Prowse gives you a story heavy with emotion, empathy and characters you just can't help falling in love with.

This is a deliciously uplifting book that gives you hygge.

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