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Monday 21 March 2022

The Patient by Tim Sullivan


A few pages in and I thought, well, gosh, how come I haven't come across this excellent author and DS George Cross until now? I absolutely loved this.

Think TV's The Good Doctor: it's that show's main character in a police setting. An unusual, pedantic, literal, meticulous-attention-to-detail man: a man who is positioned somewhere on the spectrum. Irritating and exasperating to his colleagues, but undeniably a detective who, with dogged determination, gets results.

The plot is intriguing and a little complex. Just like DS Cross himself, who takes up the case of the death of a young recovering drug addict, whose mother disagrees with the verdict of suicide.

Twists, turns, dead ends move this along at a decent pace. And what a treat that it's set in Bristol, where I live.

Superbly written…intelligently and articulately…and I've already downloaded the two previous DS Cross novels. Cleverly, Sullivan has crafted these novels so that they can be read in any sequence. I anticipate I won't be able to get enough of DS Cross.

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