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Sunday 12 January 2020

Missing Pieces by Laura Pearson

This was dreary, dismal, depressing. The focus of the story is a terrible tragedy that befalls the Sadler family; fair enough, but the pace is slow, irritatingly so, and there's little to evoke any sympathy, empathy or affection for any of the characters. 

The death of a three-year-old has a devastating effect on the whole family…seemingly for twenty-five years. The circumstances of the tragedy aren't actually revealed until about 94% into the book, so a bit of commitment is required if you want to find out the tragedy behind the tragedy…and I very nearly gave up. The characters are dull, self-centred and barely carried me through the fog of colourlessness. 

However, it's very clear Pearson can write: articulately and intensely. But the loss that forms the heart of this novel is handled too heavily and monotonously. Even when I reached the great reveal…finally…finally!...I had a touch of the 'oh, is that it?'. Just a tad anticlimactic.

Promising debut for Pearson, without doubt, but I really don't like having to work so hard to connect with characters. this case.

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