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Sunday 19 January 2020

Her Name was Rose by Claire Allan

I dived into this a bit blind. I skimmed the blurb and thought, well, it's on my Kindle, it must have caught my attention for some reason, so here goes. No more than a couple of pages in, and I was hooked. This falls easily into the page-turner category. 

Emily witnesses a tragic hit and run. Emily is a fragile person with a troubled past and finds herself fascinated by Rose's, the victim's, life. It's there for the world to see on her Facebook page. It's the perfect, idyllic life, and she was the perfect, idyllic wife and mother, virtually beatified by her husband and all who knew her. Especially her husband. Emily's life was a bit of a train wreck, so…what if she stepped into Saint Rose's shoes? But no one really knows what goes on behind a stage of perfection.

This rolls along at a consistently good pace, it's tense, suspenseful and keeps you guessing. You find yourself pointing at one character, and then no, that 's a a red herring, it must the other one…or is it?!  Very skilfully written, with depth and feeling. 

Compelling, thrilling and emotionally charged. I was totally addicted, and I'm certainly going to read more by this author. 

The only reason I haven't given this five stars is because there were one too many grammatical blunders: and I'll never let off a 'was sat' lightly. Really does make my nose twitch.

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  1. You've got me intrigued. I think I might just have to check this one out for myself!