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Monday 8 October 2018

What Did I Do by Jessica Jarlvi

This book starts in a rather confusing manner: rather a lot of chapters introducing a different character in different settings and different time frames. It takes quite some commitment to stick with Kristen who fleas to Sweden after finding herself a person of interest following the death of her brother and husband. Despite compelling motives, she keeps asking herself if she's capable of murder.  She can't actually remember...

Despite a promising new start in Sweden, her past starts to catch up with her in quite an unexpected manner.

It’s quite a relief when you start to join the dots, but this author doesn’t make it very smooth. It’s a little clumsy and it’s hard to connect with any of the characters.

The editing was a little ragged in places and I was rather shocked that an editor, copy editor and proofreader had missed some howling grammatical errors.

However, once the pieces started to fall into place, I did find myself quite immersed in the book and eager to discover how it would end. 

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