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Friday 26 October 2018

Quick Fix (The Reluctant Hustler Book 1) by J. Gregory Smith

You wouldn't think that someone who put his life in danger for his country would consider walking the rather thin line between right and wrong to help out an old friend in a dodgy scam. Don't worry, it'll be easy, says Ryan, his friend, to our intrepid ex-military man, Kyle. Nothing can go wrong, you don't have to do much and you'll have a bit of spending money at the end of it. Easy peasy.

Ah, but….there's 80% of the book left, which is a smidge of a hint that it might just all go a little Pete Tong…although, 'little' is a tad euphemistic. From 'nothing will go wrong' things go rather Titanic. Kyle suddenly finds himself at the business end of a ruthless Irish mob, a drug cartel and a gun or two too close for comfort.

I enjoyed this thriller: it's sharp, it's smart, moves along at a good pace, but it's also the range of characters that's appealing. We've got Kyle, the main character, an injured ex-military man, who's very likeable: he's obviously a bit gullible, allowing himself to be sucked into Ryan's antics, but they're old friends and he's loyal. Ryan's a bit of a cheeky rogue whose luck seems to have held…until now. Balancing things out we have greedy ex policemen, drug cartels and Irish villains. The dialogue is snappy, sometimes humorous and witty, but always on point.

This book's subtitle is 'The Reluctant Hustler Book 1' which very much suggests there may be sequels. I do hope so: I want to stick with Kyle for a bit.

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