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Thursday 5 July 2018

Hardly Even Rich: A Short Story by Dennis Canfield

Short stories have to have the same structure as novels: a beginning, a middle and an end. But in fewer words, a solid story still has to be told. In my opinion, anyway!

We have a small, but perfectly formed model right here.

Brian is prone to bending a few rules when he’s selling life insurance. Who’s going to find out a little omission here or a little omission there? He has a wife and a child to support. So when his rule-bending threatens to expose him, he finds himself dealing with a calculating widow. Enter Brian’s wife…

Canfield has an easy style which leaves you free to immerse yourself unencumbered into a story. And two things became evident: amongst other things, Canfield can write a good short story. Secondly, he has a future in crime writing.

This is a thirty-minute story with a tardis interior. A perfect way to pass that boring morning commute to work.

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