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Thursday 5 July 2018

Ethan and the Key by Dennis Canfield

Having enjoyed everything I've read by this author, it comes as no surprise that he’s written another wonderful fantasy novel. It’s impossible to slot it into an age group because it would entertain anybody between nine and ninety. 

Fantasy isn’t my first love when it comes to genres, but I’m more than comfortable when there’s a foot on either side of the line, between normal and the not so normal. In this novel, Ethan is a twelve-year-old boy, his parents’ only child. He goes to school, plays baseball, prefers not to bump into a particular peer, has some good mates he likes to hang out with. And that’s it. Nothing strange there. Until a green puddle appears in his house and when he steps into it, he’s transported to the kingdom of Abentur. The king of Abentur has the means to ‘send’ him back to his real life whenever he wishes, but when Abentur’s future is threatened by invaders, led by Draykik, Ethan discovers he and Smoke, the dragon, are key to saving the kingdom.

It’s all just great fun, gallops along at a breathtaking pace, and I found it hard to put down. Canfield writes with fluidity and ease. It’s quite simply a wonderful, effortless read.

Read it yourself, read it to or with your children or grandchildren. Any which way is guaranteed to entertain you all!


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