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Monday 8 August 2016

One Hospital Nightmare by A. P. Kasch


This novella was a little bit bland, despite the hint that the ‘nightmare’ of the title indicates some suspense, perhaps, and/or horror. 

After visiting his friend, Jared, in hospital, Nick finds himself in the same hospital after careless driving causes him to crash his car. His stay is far from boring: the nurses put a new spin on ‘attentiveness’, time seems to move agonisingly slowly, if at all, and how on earth is he in the middle of a Comanche Indian battle that happened a hundred and seventy years earlier? The lines between reality and nightmare become rather blurred for Nick. He needs to find a logical explanation. Was it the medication having some sort of weird side effects?

The characters were rather one-dimensional, the dialogue a bit stilted and the historical fiction seemed a little too detached from the story—almost incongruous.

It was neatly ended, but it just left me thinking, ‘oh, okay’ rather than, ‘wow, that was a good story’.

If you like a marriage between modern-day hospital mystery and historical fiction, you may like this. It’s certainly an easy, short read, so you don’t have to invest too much time in it. For me, it just lacked a little 'oomph'.

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