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Monday 8 August 2016

A Gluten Free Taste of Turkey by Sibel Hodge


I found this a little uninspiring. There were no ‘vibrant and adventurous’ recipes promised by the author in her blurb. They’re pleasant enough, but there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before, with or without gluten. The author of the book is a writer of fiction (her books are extremely enjoyable), not a chef, so this is just a collection of recipes she’s compiled having had to cook for her coeliac husband. Living in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus (she has dual nationality) means, of course, she's very familiar  with the cuisine. 

I’ve bookmarked a dozen or so of the recipes, not because they’re particularly different (I’ve cooked moussaka a million times in one variation or another and have made just about every mutation of hummous), but because they’re in a place I know I can find them. I follow a gluten-free diet, but have always used ordinary recipes tweaking them where necessary, so I didn’t find this recipe book that useful. And I was very irritated that the measurements were in cups and not in grams or ounces like just about every other cookbook for the UK market. 

The photos are a little amateurish, but the book is best viewed in colour rather than on a Paperwhite Kindle. 

I’m afraid there are millions and millions of professionally produced cookbooks out there on just about every aspect of cooking and nutrition. This just doesn’t have a USP.

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