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Saturday 14 February 2015

Buried by Debt by Cathryn Grant

Well, this one caught me by surprise! Pleasantly, I should add. The beginning ambles along satisfyingly enough and then... pow!

Devon and Jenna are a young married couple, living and working in Silicon Valley. They are utterly ‘into’ each other, he perhaps more than her. His sole reason for living is Jenna, and everything he does is for her. But this is at a hefty financial cost, and when the promotion he's banking on, which will clear their overstretched bank balance, is delayed, their spirally debts have a catastrophic effect on their lives.

It’s not only easy to like this gentle couple…they’re completely besotted with each other…but also easy to identify the crisis in which they find themselves. An upwardly mobile young couple enjoying their success, but suddenly drowning when they find themselves financially running before they can walk and struggling to maintain appearances to their peers. So you really find yourself sitting up straight when the story takes a very dark and gripping turn.

I think I would have liked a little more attention paid to editing…there were a number of errors…and the ending was just a tad convenient. I did find myself saying, ‘But what about…?’ and ‘But surely…?’ However, the unanswered questions may well leave the way open for a sequel, who knows.

Overall, however, I did enjoy this and was impressed by the author's writing. 

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