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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Out of Focus by Nancy Naigle

I wasn’t too sure what this book was about before I started reading it. It was on my TBR, so I knew it must have been something I was interested in. I was a tad too lazy to check it out on Amazon, so I just dived in, which was rather fun because I had a bit of treat.

Kasey Phillips is a professional photographer, happy with her husband and three-year-old son. Devastatingly, her husband is killed in a road accident. Quite enough to have to deal with, but to add to the tragedy, their son, Jake, who was in the car at the time seems to have disappeared without trace. A mother’s instinct tells Kasey her son is alive. But as time passes with little to go on, she struggles to keep her hopes alive. Friends and family rally round; so, too, does a rather good-looking policeman.

So, what I thought was going to be a thriller/suspense was actually disguised as a romance. Or is it the other way round? I don’t know. If I’m honest, the thriller/suspense part was just a little too pat and contrived and all too convenient, but I found it didn’t really matter. It was a decent read, with some lively and likeable characters; it's a well-edited book (I so rarely get to say that) and one I couldn’t wait to pick up and finish.  This was my first outing with this author and definitely not my last.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies picks up where Out of Focus left off. Hope you love that one too. Hugs and happy reading~