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Sunday 7 December 2014

Not Just for Christmas by Faith Mortimer


There’s nothing like a seasonal romance to warm the cockles of your heart, is there? And this one does a very good job of making sure your cockles are comfortably ensconced in a cosy blanket of mushiness and sentimentality.

Scott Tilney is a nobleman (handsome, naturally) who prefers to ignore his title and concentrate on photography and writing books, but is also committed to turning his ancestral home, Tilney House, into a moneymaking concern. Enter Chloe Prendergast, who, with her fiancé, Benedict, runs a catering company. But Benedict and Chloe are keeping some huge secrets from each other that threaten to rock their relationship and future. It remains to be seen how the gorgeous—but somewhat grumpy and pompous—Scott fits in.

As usual, the multi-talented Faith throws all the right ingredients into this charming Christmas romance, along with crispy snow, starry nights, sleigh bells, oodles of canoodles, and love and kisses.

So, draw the curtains, light the fire, snuggle up in your onesie, make a hot cup of cocoa and prepare to be schmaltzed.

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