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Friday 2 May 2014

Sandstorm In My Heart by Faith Mortimer


Faith has punctuated her novel-writing with a novelette. A perfect little story, nicely crafted, set in the steamy sand dunes of Egypt.

Passionate archaeologist Ann is not happy when her colleague, Jonathan, delivers the news that their wealthy boss, Conrad Knight, is bringing the dig in the wadi to a halt. How could he? They’re so near a find! Determined and obstinate, Ann is sure she’s close to success and wanders off in a temper, ignoring all warnings of the pending sandstorm. Never has she needed a knight in shining armour so much to save her from peril. She has to make do with a knight dressed up like Lawrence of Arabia on a camel, instead. But who is this knight?

This mini romance contains all the right ingredients. You can finish it in a trice: it’s just the ticket to pick you up on a miserable, showery, April morning! I warn you, though: you might find yourself trying to spit sand out of your mouth…

Well done, again, Faith.

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