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Thursday 8 May 2014

Circle in the Sand by Lia Fairchild


I’m no stranger to Lia’s writing. She’s a multi-faceted writer who can turn her hand to contemporary fiction, crime thrillers, chick lit and short stories.

This was a story about four people, bound by a long-standing friendship, a friendship that's tight and unbreakable. Adulthood and circumstances has meant four very different paths have been followed, but the binds that tie can never be broken. The four are Jax, Sage and twins Emily and Ned. We catch up with them at a time when each has reached a turning point in his/her life: there are decisions to be made, lifestyles to examine, careers to change…and needs to be met.

What I liked about this novel was that while the skeleton of the story is unremarkable, Lia’s perspicacity and insight present four friends who bring the whole thing to life. Four very diverse characters, each likeable for different reasons. Each has depth and different perspectives on life. There’s a feeling of warmth throughout and you are cocooned in a glow as you read this is; no matter what happens or what gets in the way of bringing the four together, the bond of their friendship is unbreakable.

This is a feel-good and satisfying story, beautifully written.

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  1. Thank you for reading my book and featuring it on your lovely page. So glad you enjoyed it. :-)