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Thursday 6 December 2012

Camera...Action...Murder! by Faith Mortimer


You’re always in good hands when you have a date with Faith and her Diana Rivers mysteries. 

Not quite the same age as our very revered Miss Marple, but equally shrewd in the sleuthing department, Diana is considerably younger and—no offence to dear Jane—very attractive. 

You do of course know that the minute Diana and her husband, Steve, and toddler, Poppy, head off for a short holiday in England from their home in Cyprus, that it will certainly be an eventful one. And it is. As amateur dramatics' enthusiasts, the opportunity to be part of a film version of a play they both formerly acted in seemed a good enough excuse to have a break and catch up with old friends and fellow actors. 

They stay in a beautiful large house—the venue of the photo-shoot—in the stunning Cotswold countryside in the middle of an uncharacteristically hot British summer. Perfect conditions for a much-needed holiday; until one of the actresses involved in the shoot has a tragic accident, closely followed by the murder of the owner of the manor. 

Diana, in top form as always, pieces together the jigsaw; she is a step ahead not only of the police, but of the reader too. Faith, in her own inimitable style leads to a climactic ending, leaving no stone unturned, and keeps you on your toes until the last minute. 

Faith’s novels are always well balanced; there is just enough detail to paint a picture, her style is precise and clear, and I’m always entertained and can click the last page with complete satisfaction. 

Diana deserves a short break from sleuthing, but I can’t wait for her next adventure.  

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  1. Seems like an interesting novel to read while in Christmas vacation.

    I also wanted to know about the next adventure of Diana well, gotta buy this tomorrow.