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Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Second Internet Cafe - Part 1 The Dimension Researcher by Chris James

Wow.  This is probably one of the most intelligent books I have read.

I have to confess, that whilst the Kindle has led me down a number of previously unconsidered genre roads with very pleasing consequences—sci-fi in particular, I do remain a bear of very little scientific brain.  And there’s a lot, quite a lot of science in this.  I confess, I didn’t understand it all completely—it really is all very clever—but enough to thoroughly enjoy this very compelling novel.

Lucas Hunter is a dimension researcher.  So what’s that?  Well, simple: he researches dimensions.  In a nutshell, he’s a time traveller working for The Second Internet Café exploring different dimensions (after divergence) in Reality One to bring back knowledge and information to the Café.  (There are trillions of dimensions, by the way).  He also has to save the 10-year project from a takeover by the Americans.  Are you with me?  No, I didn’t think so.

But don’t worry.  This novel will have you with your finger firmly adhered to the click-button of your Kindle.  You will be bumping into delightful words and phrases like matter de-confliction and quinvigintillion and inverted anti-neutralino. There’s a wonderful array of characters, from the greedy and ambitious to the dedicated and amiable.  Lucas himself is very captivating—we don’t know that much about his physical attributes other than he is tall and dark-haired (who knows, he might even be handsome), but he is dedicated, focused, loyal, and has the odd moment of sincere tenderness (after all, he could have a girl in every dimension…)

This was an incredibly conceived, well thought-out and clever novel.  The ‘science bit’ was complex, but what I liked about it, it wasn’t conveyed in a patronising or pompous way.

Sci-fi fans should put this at the top of their TBR.  Outstanding.


  1. Dear Cathy,
    Your reviews are always accurate, concise and well-written. I'm over the moon that you've reviewed my book and that you found it so compelling; it means a great deal to me as a writer to know that my story entertained you. Many thanks!
    Very warmest regards,

  2. That's a really good review, Cathy, thanks. I've read this book also and felt just the same about it as you. It's an amazing story!

  3. Cathy so pleased to see you excellent review! I have been telling people about this book since I read it and I'm glad now I can show others your thoughts on it too :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always appreciate your fair and balanced reviews.

  4. I throughly enjoyed this book too and can't believe why it isn't a best seller yet! I personally can't wait for part 2, I hope it won't be much longer!

  5. Dear Cathy, I am delighted to read your rather glowing review of this book. I too read it some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next instalment!!
    Regards, Klara (London)

  6. Your review is excellent, Cathy. I also read this book and wrote a review, but mine is mediocre in comparison :D I loved this book, even though I am not a fan of sci-fi. However, since I read this book I have been reading more sci-fi books. I am so glad that more people are noticing how clever this book is.