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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Harvest - Book 2 of The Crossing by Faith Mortimer

This is the sequel to The Seeds of Time—Part 1 of The Crossing in which Richard Barker made a disastrous and tragic attempt to cross the Atlantic.  In the aftermath of the incident in which he lost his wife, Richard learns that his father’s (Billy) wartime bible is in the possession of a young American woman’s (Sorrel) grandfather and their subsequent contact triggers a period of revelation and new relationships.  Richard learns about a very significant part of his rather reticent father’s life in the latter part of the war years—harsh, life-changing years—spent in POW camps.

Harvest continues with Richard’s story and his progress after his loss and the development of his understanding and growing knowledge about his father’s life.  He is helped by two women:  Miranda, an old flame formerly married to his cousin and the younger, vibrant Sorrel, who traced the bible back to Richard via Miranda.  Billy’s old sea chest provides even more clues to his post-war years: his recuperation and his life with his new bride and daughter.  In the meantime, Richard finds himself drawn to two women, poles apart.  How can he choose between the woman he was once passionately in love with, but who rejected him for money and stability, or the much younger, exciting, and passionate American?

This is a perfect sequel to The Seeds of Time.  Past and present is still neatly interwoven but perfectly balanced—the focus is on Richard and his future and happiness, but there’s enough of Billy’s poignant story (more prominent in Seeds) to tie up any loose ends.  Faith is the perfect storyteller—her scene-setting is immaculate, her characters varied and complementary.  And whilst you are concentrating on Richard and egging him on to choose the right woman, Faith throws the reader another little surprise towards the very satisfying ending of the book.

This is an excellent conclusion to the two-parter and one I know all of Faith’s fans will enjoy.


  1. What a good site! I am just about to publish my first ebook, after being published by traditional publishers. Will revisit. And you're a grandmother - very envious! x