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Friday 26 August 2011

What Money Can't Buy by Liz Borino

This was the sequel to Expectations and we rejoin twins Matt and Chris and Chris’s husband Aiden.  Having enjoyed Expectations, it was like putting on your favourite slippers;  the three young men felt like my best friends.  This is not an action-packed story but it is very emotionally charged.  There are new dilemmas, new misunderstandings and new tragedies which can either make or break each of the trio:  Matt still has his personal demons to contend with and Chris and Aiden’s relationship is as intense as it was and both of the latter still have unpleasant, scarring memories of their pasts.  Whilst this book is a sequel, Liz very deftly manages to make this a stand-alone novel but I would defy anyone to not want to read the first one.  Liz’s ability to draw the reader into her characters leaves you wanting more.  They have grown up a little and with new responsibilities and future plans, I hope we haven’t said goodbye to the twins and Aiden.

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