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Friday 26 August 2011

The Thief of Todays and Tomorrows by Susan Wells Bennett

This is the second book by Susan that I have had the pleasure to read and it did not disappoint.  Susan’s style is, as ever, warm and compelling and this story evokes a gamut of emotions:  delight for a young couple and their young son in their new post-war life, worry for the naïve, but well-intentioned young father as he precariously treads dangerous waters, fear for an innocent mother, who is given no choices, admiration for the strength and resolution of this young woman and awe for the compassion and kindness she selflessly gives others, despite her own losses.  And finally, happiness for the final peace and contentment she finally affords herself.

In other words, this is a rollercoaster ride, that leaves you wringing out your emotions.


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