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Friday 26 August 2011

Not Magic Enough by Valerie Douglas

A delightful novella.  This was my first venture into Fantasy.  Having sheltered myself from Lord of the Ring mania, you could call me a late developer and this was the perfect introduction to the genre.  Delae, is a competent young landowner, who has patiently come to accept her life of hardship without complaint.  One stormy night, she encounters Dorovan, an Elf, a race forbidden to mix with Man.  They are irresistibly drawn to one another and discover a mutual need for passion, love, tenderness and sensuality.  Their bond is deep and unbreakable, but their liaison is forbidden.  I was smitten by the archaic timbre of the writing style and the hardship of the era was well portrayed;  as were the beauty and integrity of both hero and heroine - their love scenes are powerfully drawn.  Whilst the ending is sad, but inevitable, Valerie sprinkles a dust of happiness over it.
A wonderful, moving story. 

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