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Friday 26 August 2011

No Lullaby for Tommy by Charles Hardman

This was a story about a man’s (Tommy’s) life that train-crashes spectacularly after his wife leaves him and which then becomes a gradual downward spiral that bores deep into the depths of despair.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time cannot even begin to describe the hell poor Tommy goes through.  The author’s style is uncomplicated and urban;  amongst the detailed poker/craps playing scenes, there are mob elements in this story and some violent action, but we are spared the graphic details of these, allowing us just enough to picture the drama.  Despite my disinterest in poker and gambling and fiction with mob-style violent content, what kept me reading avidly to the end was I had no idea what this poor man’s fate would be – there are no clues along the way to determine whether he will find happiness or if life will just hand him another duff hand.  It’s a story that leaves an impression – how one single derailment in your life can start a domino-effect of events which leave you wondering how much control DO you actually have on your destiny.  This was certainly a compelling read.

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