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Friday 23 February 2024

And Now There's Zelda by Carolyn Clarke


This is Clarke's second book after 'And Then There's Margaret', which I thoroughly enjoyed, once I'd ignored the 'dramedy' banner on that novel. It's a very entertaining, well-written family drama, it's just not funny, merely misgenred!

I was very much looking forward to catching up with Ally and co, now dealing with a new addition to her family…her son's new girlfriend/fiancée. Whilst Ally had to deal with Margaret come what may, being her husband's mother, she's quite hell-bent on ejecting Zelda from the family fold, convinced she's not the right girlfriend/fiancée/wife material for her much-loved son.

Again, it's a very enjoyable ride of ups and downs as Ally and Zelda navigate their relationship. It's a very worthy sequel to Clarke's previous novel and the characters are all very real and credible, and could quite happily be your family nextdoor who you'd be popping in to see regularly.

I think the 'And then/now there's…' might have been wrung out now, but I'll more than happily read another Ally life episode or indeed anything else by this author.

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