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Sunday 26 February 2023

Where Hope is Found by Rebecca L. Marsh


I didn't need any introduction to Rebecca Marsh. I've read three of her books. I guess the fact I've read more than one more or less confirms what I think of her as author. Her skill is taking a tragedy or trauma, cramming it full of heartbreak, managing to wring out every last bit of emotion from her readers, but then bringing the story to an uplifting end. And…manages to leave you wanting more. How's that for skill?

The tragedy in this is quite a whopper, but it's all about dealing with loss, facing a different future and finding hope in what that brings. Not just for the main character, Marissa, and her eight-year-old daughter, but Marissa's brother too, who faces a different kind of upset. Cleverly done, it's powerful, emotional, poignant, but Marsh very subtly gives you confidence that you will turn that frown upside down by the end.

As for the wanting more…well, in this case, not a problem: there is a sequel (don't panic, they're both stand-alone!). So it was with the greatest of pleasure that I dived straight into the next book.

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