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Thursday 6 August 2020

Steel Journeys: The Road to Patagonia by Lynda Meyers

Two things annoy me about books: the present-tense narrative (thank heavens it wasn't used here) and when books end at 72%. Unfortunately, this is where the book commits that particular crime.

Whilst I didn't find the main character, Abby, particularly 'badass', which is how the blurb describes her, I was rather enjoying her story. I did wish someone would shake her out of the bitterness that has been festering inside her for fifteen years (boyfriend betrayal) and tell her to move on, but for all that, I liked her. I consider her more independent than badass, and setting up what is essentially a travel business for female bikers is commendable. Patagonia doesn't feature much, by the way, but the story and the writing are decent. However, at 72%, there are unresolved issues, but I did think, no worries, a quarter of the book to go, there's time. Alas, no, 72%, and there it was: The End. I even thought it was a mistake and frantically tapped my Kindle to see where the rest of story was. 

I'm not keen on book excerpts (especially when they take up a quarter of a book) tagged on to the end of novels. I find it rather presumptuous and a teeny bit arrogant: the author is assuming you want to read more of his/her books. I'm not sure, despite this author's competence, I'm particularly motivated to do so. Will I find the answers to Abby's dilemmas? Or will it be another three-quarter offering?  I'm not so sure I want to pay to find the answer.



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