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Sunday 3 February 2019

When The Storm Ends by Rebecca L. Marsh

The back story in this novel was rather neatly done, I thought. Beth became a child psychologist to help troubled children…her own abusive childhood was her motivation. She finds a challenge in Erin, a young teenager who killed her father. She won't reveal why, and Beth, ducking procedural rules a bit, thinks the only way she can get her to talk is to tell her all about her own childhood. It's risky, but Beth, feels a compulsion to find out the truth and do all she can to keep Erin out of prison.

It's a shocking story, but a compelling one and very skilfully handled by the author, using Beth's story to coax Erin and culminates unexpectedly with a link between them.

This is a story about a difficult subject, but written in an easy, flowing style, with credible dialogue and believable characters. Beth's discovery of her real father and his subsequent temporary absence from her life raised my eyebrows a bit, as it was a little 'convenient', but the story-telling and the way Marsh combines what are, effectively, two stories is quite original, so my eyebrow raising was soon forgotten about.

Well told, well written, well structured with a nice neat, tidy ending.

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