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Saturday 12 August 2017

Dream Walk by Melissa Bowersock

I had mixed feelings when I started this…pleased and eager to rejoin Sam and Lacey, PI partners with a difference, but a little sad too, because this is the final book in the quartet. Whilst I had no doubt that their last case would be enthralling, I was, of course, curious to find out how their relationship would progress. Or not. My lips are sealed on that one.

Our duo’s swansong is a bit of toughie…Sam’s ex-wife’s brother makes an appearance in one of Sam’s dreams…but not in a peaceful way. He was an addict, whose end was probably inevitable, so Sam and Lacey head to his last known address to uncover the reasons for his torment.

This book is half the length of most of the books I read, but there’s no short-change here. Bowersock’s prose is neat, tidy, tight…all the right words in the right quantity for a well-rounded and  extremely satisfying story.

It may well be farewell to Sam and Lacey, but it’s very definitely au revoir to Bowersock, who will undoubtedly delight with her next work, whatever it may be.

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