Monday, 1 May 2017

Skin Walk by Melissa Bowersock

It was easy to glide into this book…I thoroughly enjoyed the introductory adventure of Lacey and Sam (Ghost Walk), the oddly matched couple who have joined forces as a PI team. Lacey is an ex LAPD cop and Sam a Navajo medium. 

Their investigation for this second instalment is a little more personal, as Sam is asked to look into the death of his cousin…the circumstances aren't sitting well with Sam’s grandfather. 

But this isn’t a straightforward piecing-together of clues. Witches, curses and shapeshifters are added to the mix…and Lacey and Sam find themselves conducting a dangerous investigation.

This sequel certainly lived up to its predecessor. I enjoyed the development of the couple as they grow more comfortable with each other as a team. They’re chalk and cheese, but are gradually settling into each other’s personalities. I think I’m looking forward to the progress of their relationship as much as the cases they’re commissioned to solve.

Roll on Case no. 3!


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  1. I may actually check this out myself! I'm currently listening to the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne, which features a large sub-plot about skinwalkers.

    Cathy, I'm an aspiring novelist, and I actually ended up here because I was hoping to send you a copy of my book for a review, if you're still open to new submissions. I can be reached at if you are - otherwise, sorry for the spam, but thanks for potentially turning me on to a new read. :)

    D. M. Griffin