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Thursday 23 February 2017

Vigilante Dead by DV Berkom

Oh, Kate, Kate, Kate….what an inferno of…stubbornness, determination, passion and independence you are.

The seven Kate Jones novels preceding this have all been heart-in-your-mouth thrillers. I was slightly bemused by the fact that Kate’s finally able to stop running; she’s settled down with ex-cop-now-PI, Sam, she’s talking to her family again, and life is nearly normwait, wait, WAIT…this is Kates Jones! I nearly fell for the Kate-leads-a-normal-life line! Impossible…especially since someone she loves dearly is affected by some dodgy painkillers (from an equally dodgy source), and as a result, Kate’s on the warpath. And the route leads her into a head-on collision with irony, something which causes her to make some very rash decisions, blurring that very fine line between right and wrong.

This was the usual Kate Jones hold-on-to-your hat, roller-coaster ride…as you would expect…but there was an extra intriguing ingredient: the reader gets a little more intimate with Kate’s family…who up until now have been very much in the background. This adds another dimension to an adventure which nonetheless leaves you breathless right to the end.

Kate’s rounding up nearly all the bad spirits that have been derailing her life…what on earth is she going to do now, I wonder? Needless, to say, I was, as always, riveted by this book as will all Kate Jones/Berkom fans.

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