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Thursday 15 December 2016

Yucatán Dead - DV Berkom

You know, Kate Jones has been running from her dangerous drug-lord ex boyfriend for five books now. You’ve got to admire her grit and the sheer bloodymindedness of her resolution to elude him. I suppose you’ve got to acknowledge his persistence, too. He’s very, very keen to make her suffer for leaving him and taking a good bit of his cash with her.

Just when she thought she was perhaps succeeding in outwitting him, and very nearly daring to think she might be able to settle down with her handsome police boyfriend, she’s rudely reminded she has a debt to pay. And this time, it seems she might have run out of luck. Oh, but wait…this is no-BS-ing Kate. The Kate who means business, whatever the price. She’s got this far, dammit…

The usual suspense, tension, explosiveness (in all senses of the word!) and gutsiness are packed tightly into this sixth Jones novel and all with the usual quality and excellency of this author. There’s barely a moment to catch your breath, and quite honestly, I’d have given up on Kate’s behalf way, way back. But thankfully, she’s not a quitter (or there’d be no more books). 

Berkom has created a character whose sassiness and gumption you can’t help but admire, and respect for her is sandwiched by a certain amount of sympathy. Her pursuit by a dangerous man has meant tragic losses for Kate. In this book of the series, she has to decide whether she can continue eluding death…or face the evil that desires it. 

Cracking stuff.

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