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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Cruising for Death by DV Berkom


Despite trying hard to keep up with hurricane Kate in the Kate Jones Series books 1-4, I was eager for more. Cue Cruising for Death. 

Constantly on the move to keep one step ahead of her dangerous drug-lord ex-boyfriend, Kate seems to have found some tranquillity in Arizona, living with hunky policeman Cole. Tranquillity and enough confidence to go on a short break with him: a romantic cruise in the Caribbean. All goes well until a passenger has a heart attack and the vessel is taken over by a group of men…one of them a bit too familiar for Kate’s liking. Of course, she’s off again, with her past catching up with her, escaping death, outwitting people from her past, trying to save herself and others.

Needless to say, the adventure is just as nail-biting, action-packed and full of tension and will-she/won’t-she (survive) moments. As usual, you’re holding your breath, thinking, no way is she going to get out of this one, but it is Kate Jones we’re talking about. By this number of books, it’s more or less a given she’s going extricate herself from all manner of tricky (understatement) situations…but it’s the how that really keeps you glued and on the edge of your seat.

Totally incapable of disappointing, Berkom provides yet another excellent, enthralling read.

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