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Monday 14 December 2015

The Green Room by Faith Mortimer

The psychological thriller genre is probably my favourite. That, combined with one of my favourite authors and I’m in reading heaven. This was undoubtedly another winner in Faith’s ‘Dark Minds’ novels. 

In this third book of the series, a serial killer is sweeping Surrey, raping and strangling his victims. Ella, a competent nurse, has a policeman boyfriend, who, with inside knowledge of the case, instructs her to stay safe at all times. She believes she is perfectly safe; she lives in an apartment in a block owned and lived in by her parents and the tenant of one in particular is rather mysterious, but…very appealing...and as eager as her boyfriend to ensure her safety. The killer, however, cunningly manages to continue to evade the police, and with the information Ella’s boyfriend leaks to her confidentially, the finger seems to be pointing to one person. But she doesn’t find out until too late how far off the mark she is.

Had I been reading an actual book, I would have created a gale from the speed I was turning the pages. Every time, I thought I’d figured out who the killer was, I bumped into another red herring, resulting in another metaphoric breeze-making page-turning session. Not to mention when I finally—correctly, at last—realised who it was: it was a positive hurricane.

What I also liked about this novel was Faith’s commitment to the murder plot. Ella’s romantic…let’s call it ‘predicament’…takes a back seat to ensure this very definitely isn’t a romantic suspense story. The ending I thought…without giving too much away…was rather sophisticated. Who knows, we could well be seeing Ella again.

Another golden string to this author’s bow.

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  1. Brilliant review! Thank you so much and for taking the time and trouble. Very much appreciated x