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Tuesday 24 November 2015

The Robin and the Sparrow: A Book of Children's Poems by Dennis Canfield

I have to admit I’m not really a poetry person. Oh, I have the odd famous verse of some classics (Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Kipling) wandering aimlessly around in my head, but a book of poetry isn’t something I reach for. Ever.

However, I’ve read three of Dennis Canfield’s delightful little Christmas tales, so I was more than a little bit curious to see what this short collection of poems was all about.

I found myself really very pleasantly entertained by this very sweet compilation written by the author for his daughter when she was very young. There’s no particular theme, just a random collection of short entertaining poems.

What makes this little anthology stand out also is the charming brightly coloured illustrations. In fact, the whole book is beautifully presented, and there’s an endearing note from the author at the end, explaining the reasons for the creation of some of the poems.

This only takes about thirty minutes to read (do it on a laptop or tablet to fully appreciate the lovely illustrations), but I guarantee you’ll go back and reread and even try to remember some of the poems. I have grandchildren the same age as the author’s daughter was when he wrote them, and I’m positive they’ll be a willing audience.

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  1. Its that time of the year, Cathy and I think this is a great gift to the author - your review of her book of poems for her daughter. Looks delightfully colourful :)

  2. Hi Cathy!

    I couldn't find an email address for you so I thought I'd post a comment and try this way. I have a Poetry book I'd like to send to you for review. I'd love to be added to your list of Poetry! Will you please shoot me an email so I can send you a PDF version?