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Sunday 7 June 2015

CXVI: The Beginning of the End by Angie Smith


This is a very good thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed it but for one little, very little niggle…more of that later.

In it, we have Superintendent Detective Greg Woods linking together a series of murders that have occurred over a period of years. Although not an incompetent detective, his task is certainly made a good deal easier by the addition of a new and young detective sergeant to his team. Maria Barnes is very canny, intelligent and thorough: assets needed to get a step ahead not only of a serial killer who has to be stoppedand soonbut also of internal bigshots eager to hamper the investigation. Greg and Maria decide to be ‘creative’, but find themselves not only chasing, but being chased. 

As a thriller, this ticks all the boxes and it’s meticulous and precise. I really like Angie Smith’s writing and as well as giving us a captivating and gripping story, she’s created two very likeable characters in Woods and Barnes, who despite the difference in their ages and approaches to their jobs, couldn’t be more well suited. Their banter is slick and sharp, and the action throughout is fast-paced and well written.  In short, an excellent page-turner. 

My niggle? It really is just a small one and only a personal one. I hadn’t realised this was the first in a trilogyI’m quite happy with trilogies, but I do like the books to stand alone, so that I don’t feel obliged to read them all. I didn’t feel I had finished the book, so I’m just a teensy bit peeved that in order to find out what happens after the cliffhanger ending, I’ll have to read the next book. That said, with two such strong, well-defined and engaging main characters, I’m adequately compelled not only to spend a good deal more time with them, but also to read more of this skilled author.

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