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Saturday 6 December 2014

Behind a Twisted Smile by Faith Mortimer

Wow. Look out, Glenn Close. Your bunny-boiling crown has been stolen, well and truly.

This second book in Faith’s Dark Minds series really makes you forget to breathe. The suspense is, quite literally, breathtaking!

I’m going to be very bold and say that this is Faith’s best offering yet. And that’s saying something, when Faith never writes anything but a cracking book.

When Moya breaks off her rather brief and somewhat unexciting relationship with Martyn, she expects that that will be it: a short liaison that didn’t work out. They’ll both move on. But imagine her surprise when her sister, unaware Martyn and Moya have already met, introduces him to her a short while later. And, it seems, they’re totally besotted with each other. But Moya is unsettled…and worried. Her anxieties are further intensified when Martyn starts to act deviously and manipulatively. He is not going to let her go that easily.

With her usual dexterity, Faith keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very end. All devoted fans won’t fail to be delighted with this book and any new reader, who might be pondering whether or not to take a chance on an author they’ve not read before, will become an avid member of the Mortimer club instantly.

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  1. Oh wow! I am overwhelmed! Thank you for such a fabulous review. You've quite made my day! xx