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Thursday 13 March 2014

A Deadly Learning by Faith Mortimer


It’s always good to catch up with novelist Diana Rivers, our glamorous, twenty-first-century Miss Marple. But I’m beginning to worry about her…she seems to find herself in deeper and deeper hot water with every case!

In this adventure, Diana leaves her beloved Cyprus for a business trip/combined holiday with husband Steve, while their young daughter is being cooed over and thoroughly spoilt by her parents. The Algarve in Portugal is the enviable destination, where, coincidentally, she is invited to a twenty-first-cum-engagement party of a friend’s god-daughter. Wendy, Diana’s friend, tutors at the nearby university. But this seat of learning is more than just a place of education it seems: it’s a hive of secrets, lies, obsession, drug dealings, sex and…murder. 

Despite Steve’s strict warnings that Diana is to keep well away from any sleuthing, our much loved amateur detective can do no such thing and finds herself, yet again, solving a murder mystery in the sultry summer heat. 

Faith, as always, delivers a crisp, clear, well-conceived, entertaining and enjoyable mystery. Diana Rivers is now such a familiar and much-loved character, she’s almost tangible: you are tempted to yell out and tell her to follow her husband’s warnings to stick to her writing, and not get into any more trouble. For all that, her next adventure is always eagerly awaited.

Top marks once again, Faith.

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