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Saturday 31 August 2013

Triple Dog Dare by K. S. Brooks and Stephen Hise


If a book is written by either Hise or Brooks, you can be confident of a really good read. Put the two together, and you can be confident of an even better one: double the excellence!

These two authors have talent, skill, imagination, a solid sense of humour, and the ability to provide great entertainment.

Triple Dog Dare is a wonderfully light-hearted and funny story packed with ingredients: some hanky-panky, misunderstandings, an eensy bit of romance,  a very gentle fun-poking at the dog-showing arena, but it’s also a story that manages to laugh at itself as well as with others.

It’s all a lovely embroilment of who is fooling who and who is going to be found out. Dogs—as you would expect—feature highly in this. One in particular. Well two. Or perhaps three… You could almost…almost…say they are the top-dog characters. They manage to annoy, please, enthrall, delude, irritate, endear, and just generally be the scene-stealing, show-stopping little darlings they always are.

This is witty, engaging, sharp, great fun, and written with tongue in cheek. The only disappointment was coming to the end!


  1. Thanks for this awesome review, Cathy! :)

  2. Yes, indeed - thank you! So glad you enjoyed the book. :)

  3. I second every bit of it--great read!