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Monday 24 June 2013

Hot Property by Susanne O'Leary


A very enjoyable chick lit novel by Susanne O’Leary—the sort of novel that’s delightfully easy to read. Predictable? Yes, of course it is, it’s chick lit. It has the requisite scum-bag and the hunky chunk, whom you know the very likable heroine is going to get, ultimately, and it’s great fun finding out just how, in Susanne’s uncluttered and crisp style.

Megan’s surprise inheritance from a great-uncle of a property in a beautiful part of Ireland comes at rather an opportune time. She’s lost her husband (to a younger model) and her job (as a personal stylist), so a windfall has got to be rather handy…hasn’t it? If her run of bad luck wasn’t enough, she finds that the property is a wreck and needs a fortune to restore. Her rather tasty solicitor gets close enough (ahem!) to persuade her that selling it would be the best and most profitable solution, but new friendships, a growing fondness for the area, the lifestyle, and the people are making it hard for her to agree. One person among those same ‘people’ is making it even harder. Blunt, a little abrupt, perhaps a little moody, BUT, devilishly attractive… Megan has to balance the odds and decide whether to listen to the overzealous persuasion of her solicitor boyfriend or go with her heart and try and make a go of a costly renovation.

Throw in family secrets, deception, and conspiracy and you get a novel that keeps you solidly entertained. Megan is a great character: she’s nice and normal. Stung by her husband’s infidelity, she does reel rather blindly into a new relationship, but she’s only human. However, she does learn from her mistakes, and I liked her determination, as well as her talent for making other people—woman in particular—feel better about themselves.

A very engaging, untaxing read. Thank you, Susanne!

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