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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Coral Reefs (Science and Nature for Young Readers) by Monika Mira


I needed no encouragement to read a third marine book by Monika Mira (see also Fun Fish Facts for Kids and Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles): this time, along with some spectacular photography, she tells us all about coral reefs. Along with the fascinating facts, she stresses the urgency of its preservation and how we can, with just a little thought, all help with this goal.

Monika’s books are aimed at teaching middle-school children about what goes on at the bottom of the sea. And she does it well. As with all her books, Coral Reefs is concise, but clear, and very informative. I certainly learnt a lot. So, I now know what a coral reef is, how it feeds, who lives on it (illustrated by stunning photos of the beautifully coloured fish and patterned molluscs), and its importance. Monika lays out the threats to the existence of coral reefs and then the simple environmental measures we can take to protect them. 

It’s always a pleasure to read and learn with Monika. Her books have a valuable place on the bookshelf.

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