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Friday 15 February 2013

A Very French Affair by Faith Mortimer


Fans of Faith Mortimer will know she is a talented mystery writer (the Diana River mysteries), but in this book, she has very ably added another string to her bow. While the glamorous Diana Rivers takes a break from sleuthing, Faith has gone for a romance, and the result is a tender, heartfelt story set in the south of France. 

Margaret is restless; her fiancĂ© has dumped her, and she needs a more challenging job than her position in the  sailing-holiday company she currently works for, so when her boss offers her short stint in the south of France where she can use her language skills and indulge her love of sailing, she jumps at the chance. Who knows, she might even decide to stay in France…and a very good reason to do so comes in the form of the charismatic Jean-Paul, a successful French businessman. His loveless marriage and penchant for attractive young women draw him to Margaret and an intense, passionate love affair ensues. She believes she has found the man of her dreams. However, she has to decide whether she can live as a mistress of a highly respected man, whose principles are firmly founded on his faith and whether she can sacrifice her desire for something she wants most… 

As always, Faith writes a story refreshingly, cleanly, and clearly. Margaret is a likeable heroine: she’s not a pushover, she’s resolute and…ultimately…selfless. The French coastal setting is evocative and the warm sultry climate and scenery around St Tropez the perfect backdrop for ‘amour’. Faith paints an idyllic picture with her pen of words and gives the reader a treat with this appealing, compelling romance. 

Faith may need to send Diana on a break a little more often!

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