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Sunday 4 November 2012

Lust and Honor by Harriet Schultz


This is a very short prologue to Legacy of the Highlands, a romantic suspense novel.

Diego is best man to Will at his wedding to Alex, for whom Diego has rather a penchant. But the best man has to do what a best man has to: the bride and groom are very much in love, and he wishes them health, happiness, and time to enjoy their long life together…time… 

This is a short teaser-prequel, and I can’t deny I was drawn to the characters and am keen to find out how the trio will fare. But I did feel I was left dangling on too narrow a ledge, and I’m not really sure why such a short prologue is published as a separate ‘book’. The first chapter of Legacy is also included, I presume to entice you even more. I’m happy to download a short story or novella—something that is structured within those parameters—but this just left me frustrated. It’s merely a scene setter for the novel—a first chapter—and I don’t particularly want to buy my books in chapters. 

If the standard of this is anything to go by, then Legacy is going to be an enjoyable novel. It just doesn’t need this kind of build-up.

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