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Monday 8 October 2012

Deadly Game by Kieron Dowling


A terrific thriller set under African skies. I’m not going to make any apology for using all the popular adjectives for this novel because it IS all these things: fast-paced, exciting, well-written, page-turning, gripping, intense and unputdownable. (I might have made that one up).

Alex Harding finds himself set up as the perpetrator of large-scale corporate fraud, masterminded by a slippery, immoral shark, Manfred Dexter. He takes refuge in Botswana where he meets the rather delectable Holly, who is herself in a rather shady area of the law. What Alex doesn’t realise is that she has been unwittingly conned into tracking Alex down by Dexter. The power of mutual attraction unites them, and they become a formidable opponent not only to Dexter, but to powerful pursuers who are after the source of an element Alex has accidentally stumbled on: an element which has properties so self-contradictory, the ramifications of its falling into the wrong hands would be unparalleled. Alex and Holly find themselves in more danger than they could ever have imagined. Their enemies are unscrupulous and despotic, but…they find the most unlikely allies in their race to survive.

There were twists and turns aplenty along with some jaw-dropping moments. And the touch of romance was a fitting detail—the final pinch of a special ingredient to complete the recipe to perfection. Alex and Holly are an ideal match; he is clever, sharp, and resourceful; she is feisty, capableand gorgeous.

I shall certainly be reading more from this author.

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